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We think simplicity works

When payroll is straightforward, we keep it simple. When payroll gets complicated, we make it easy

We offer two separate Payroll services dependant on circumstances


You may employ many or simply want to pay yourself a wage.  

Either way there are so many areas to consider.  Having a reliable payroll system to calculate the right amounts to pay is essential especially with ever changing regulations.  Mistakes cost money and time.  Installing systems can be expensive and may require expert knowledge.



Are you a freelance contractor looking for an umbrella company to handle your client/agency income and payroll?

If you are fearful of IR35 regulations then maybe we could help?

We provide an alternative to traditional umbrella companies that could be more cost effective for you

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What we can do for you


Together we make things simple for you.  By choosing us your time management is immediately improved, leaving you to get on with the business of running your business

Outsourcing your payroll is simple and cost effective using an all inclusive charge per payslip, with no need to employ a payroll professional. 

Our Payroll service uses HMRC approved, GDPR compliant cloud based software that is constantly updated with latest employee tax codes, NI rates and student loan notifications, to ensure that your workforce are paid accurately and on time no matter what their pay frequency. 

We will provide accurate payslip information and submit all the statutory returns to HMRC for you accommodating all HMRC payments including Apprentice Levy, Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and Employment Allowance.

Data is provided by you on tailored csv templates so that you retain in-house control over data input.

We report back to you summarising all payrolled elements including BACS payment files in the right format ready for processing with your own bank.  Payrolling of benefits in kind (PBIK) is no issue for us.

Our service includes a Pension Regulator compliant full auto enrolment service with assessment and contribution calculation and creating of pension provider formatted cs files ready to upload to their systems.

In Addition we can offer an online Self-Service Portal for both employee and employer​

  • Provide your employees with a powerful self-service dashboard, allowing them to:

    • Access payslips and other payroll documents.

    • View calendar and request leave.

    • Update some personal details.

  • Employers also get their own dashboard, allowing them to:

    • Access all employee information and documents.

    • View employer-wide calendar.

    • View payroll reports.

    • View HMRC payments.

  • Online dashboards are accessible from PC, Mac or smartphone.

For more information about our outsourced payroll service please contact us now.


Maximise you earnings in a compliant way

As an alternative to traditional umbrella companies, we act as the employer to independent contractors working under temporary contracts usually through recruitment/employment agencies.  An alternative to being paid PAYE by your client or agency that is equally safe and compliant.

An efficient payroll intermediary solution backed by professional expertise at an unbeatable price a we only charge for the months you work

The benefits to you include:

  • Claim legitimate business related expenses through provided template following our compliant policies

  • Increased take home pay - We can supply an estimate

  • Correct PAYE tax and NI calculations

  • Regular efficient payment

  • Benefit from the support and advice of a regulated accountancy firm which means you have nothing to worry about.

  • Remain fully compliant with UK tax legislation

  • No IR35 worries

  • Continuous employment on your CV

We are confident we are a great solution for contractors, those heading towards self employment for the first time, or those with only a limited work period in mind.

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